What is RYA Book Bank?

Rajasthan Youth Association was formed 47 years ago to promote fellowship & render service to society. RYA’s main Social Service project is the Book Bank Project that is now in the 47th year and it is the oldest and largest of its kind in India.

Why RYA Book Bank?

RYA's primary aim and focus is to serve the student community for the cause of education.
RYA provides the Text Books to deserving and needy college students without discrimination on account of caste, creed or religion. Merit and economic background are the only criteria for selecting a student to distribute books covering a wide range of disciplines like Arts, Commerce, Science & Engineering. Today Project - RYA Book Bank has become a household name because of its core focus on education.

Who can get enrolled with RYA Book Bank?

Students from almost all the colleges aspiring Bachelors degree from Arts, Commerce, Science and Engineering disciplines, affiliated to any university can enroll with us.

What is the procedure to get enrolled with RYA Book Bank?

Students are required to get registered with WEB REG ID NO. at www.ryabookbank.com between the dates announced by the Project Book-Bank disbursement scheme.

How to get enrolled with RYA Book Bank?

Once students are registered with WEB REG ID NO, Students are issued with Application form to obtain books as per the requirements.

What are the content in the Application form?

Basic information of the student, Parent declaration form, List of books required, Recommendation letter, Surety bond.

When can I get the books after submitting the Application Form duly filled?

Application forms must be filled and duly signed. To be submitted along with +2 Mark list and 1 recent Passport size photograph.
Once the process of selection is completed by project scheme, the students shall be intimated with the Letter of Allotment by posts. Student can receive the books as per the disbursement date in the allotment letter.

How many books can I take?

For every subject, the students can take one book of their own choice. (Subject to availability of book and desired author.)

Can I exchange books once it is taken from book bank?

Absolutely Yes, Student can come to RYA office between working hours and exchange the desired books.

How RYA Book-Bank Works? What am I supposed to do with the books taken from RYA Book bank once the semester is over?

The first set of books to the 1st year students are awarded based on the selection criteria of the project scheme. After the completion of the first year term student must return the books duly to the RYA office and collect the applications for additional set of books for the next or 2nd academic year. Similarly the student needs to follow same procedure for the 3rd consecutive academic year for the exchange of 3rd set of books.

When can I get the refundable caution deposit? What need to be submitted to get the refundable caution deposit?

Caution deposit will be refunded immediately after the completion of course term. The student is required to submit / return the complete set of books awarded to him duly.

Note:We sincerely request student to use the book and maintain in neat orderly manner.

WISH YOU THE BRIGHT FUTURE. “Serving for the cause of education since 1964”